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Podcast PSA- The Moth

I love podcasts!  I have a list of ones I am devoted to, and they are crucial to keeping me motivated when it comes to cleaning and doing laundry.

One of my favorites is The Moth Storyslam podcastThe Moth is an organization that promotes the good old fashioned art of storytelling, and they host evenings across the country where regular people off of the street can gather to swap tales.  Often the podcast features celebrities and other famous/professional storyteller types, but some of my favorites are the non professionals who come on to the stage, their voices often shaking just a tiny bit from nerves as they pour forth hilarity and pathos.  I grew up in a family of bullshitters of the highest order, people who know how to tell a story that will make you sit up and listen, and so I recognize the kind of intense verbal weaving that is the mark of every good storyteller.  It feels like home.

I thought about including a clip of one of the most famous Moth stories, Mike Birbiglia’s hilarious adventures in sleepwalking, but I’ve decided instead to go with a common man:  the winner of the first Pittsburgh Storyslam, a man randomly selected from the audience who ended up winning the night.

This man just so happens to be my uncle, and one of the great heroes of my life.

I apologize for the side-ways orientation here!  Don’t know how to fix it.  The audio is the main thing, anyway.