Hello!  Here are some facts:

  • I met my husband in college, where we bonded over a mutual love of the arts, especially films, music, books, and good television shows.  Also our mutual love of sleeping in.
  • I read way more than he does.  He knows way more about music than I do.  Sleeping in is something we hope to get back into, someday.
  • Here we are back in the day, during the play he heroically auditioned for so that I would not have to choose between spending my last semester hanging out with him, or being in my last college play:

You know things are getting serious when your boyfriend is willing to wear tights for you.

  • We have been married for going on 14 years now!  Whew!  Here we are now:

I think I look pretty good, all things considered, since just beyond that blue curtain my guts are splayed all over the table.


  • Here are our children:

Enthused about this great country of ours! And also about the dessert-only place across the street.

  • We have six kids, all girls.   Lots and lots and lots of talking, very few frogs in pocket.
  • Do not tell me that my husband should be pitied for the lack of  male genitalia among our children!  He is not the one who has to navigate through public bathrooms.
NOTE:  I am aware that the pictures I’ve used are perhaps a little odd, but we are notoriously bad about backing up our computer, even though the computer is notoriously bad about getting hit by power surges.  So I just used what I got.



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